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Authors Series

  1. Szvák, Gyula. False Tsars. (2000) [buy now] [learn more]
  2. Jankovics, Marcell. Book of the Sun. (2001) [buy now] [learn more]
  3. Romsics, Ignác. The Dismantling of Historic Hungary: The Peace Treaty of Trianon, 1920. (2002) [buy now] [learn more]
  4. Krausz, Tamás. The Soviet and Hungarian Holocausts, A Comparative Essay.. (2006) [buy now] [learn more]
  5. Szvák, Gyula. The Place of Russia in Europe and Asia. (2010) [buy now] [learn more]

Hungarian Studies Series

  1. Gerő, András. Emperor Francis Joseph, King of the Hungarians. (2001) [buy now] [learn more]
  2. Péteri, György. Global Monetary Regime and National Central Banking. The Case of Hungary, 1921-1929. (2002) [buy now] [learn more]
  3. Réti, György. Hungarian-Italian Relations in the Shadow of Hitler’s Germany, 1933-1940. (2003) [buy now] [learn more]
  4. Pritz, Pál. The War Crimes Trial of Hungarian Prime Minister László Bárdossy. (2004) [buy now][learn more]
  5. Gyáni, Gábor. Identity and the Urban Experience : Fin-de-Siècle Budapest. (2003) [buy now] [learn more]
  6. Frank, Tibor Picturing Austria-Hungary: The British Perception of the Habsburg Monarchy 1865-1870. [buy now] [learn more]
  7. Bozoki, Andras and Miklos Sukosd. Anarchism in Hungary, Theory, History, Legacies. (2006) [buy now] [learn more]
  8. Romsics, Gergely. Myth and Remembrance. The Dissolution of the Habsburg Empire in the Memoir Literature of the Austro-Hungarian Political Elite. (2006). [buy now] [learn more]
  9. Gerő, András. Imagined History : Chapters from Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Symbolic Politics. (2006) [buy now] [learn more]
  10. Ablonczy, Balázs. Pál Teleki (1879–1941). A Biography. (2006) [buy now] [learn more]
  11. Eörsi, László. The Hungarian Revolution of 1956. Myths and Realities. (2006) [buy now] [learn more]
  12. Gerő, András. The Jewish Criterion in Hungary. (2007) [buy now] [learn more]
  13. Glant, Tibor. Remember Hungary 1956. Essays on the Hungarian Revolution and War of Independence in American Memory (2007). [buy now] [learn more]
  14. Kornfeld, Baron Móric. Reflections on Twentieth Century Hungary: A Hungarian Magnate’s View (2007) [buy now] [learn more]
  15. Zeidler, Miklos. Ideas on Territorial Revision in Hungary, 1920-1945 [buy now] [learn more]
  16. Gerő, András. Hungarian Illusionism. (2008) [buy now] [learn more]
  17. Miskolczy, Ambrus. Romanians in Historic Hungary. (2008) [buy now] [learn more]
  18. Geza Palffy. The Kingdom of Hungary and the Habsburg Monarchy in the Sixteenth Century. (2010) [learn more]
  19. Banyar, Jozef and Jozef Meszaros. A Possible and Desirable Pension System. [buy now] [learn more]
  20. Gerő, András, editor. The Austro-Hungarian Monarchy Revisited [buy now] [learn more]
  21. Gerő, András. Public Space in Budapest: The History of Kossuth Square. (2010) [buy now] [learn more]
  22. Fülöp, Mihály. The Unfinished Peace: The Council of Foreign Ministers and the Hungarian Peace Treaty of 1947 (2009) [buy now] [learn more]
  23. Gerő, András. Neither Woman Nor Jew: The Confluence of Prejudices in the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy at the Turn of the Century. (2010) [buy now] [learn more]
  24. Szivos, Erika. Social History of Fine Arts in Hungary, 1867-1918. (2011). [buy now] [learn more]
  25. de Thassy, Eugene. Risky Region: Memoirs of a Hungarian Righteous Gentile. (2012). [buy now] [learn more]
  26. Pastor, Peter and Graydon A. Tunstall (editors). Essays on World War I. (2012) [buy now] [learn more]
  27. Seres, Attila. Hungarian-Russian Economic Relations, 1920–1941 (2012). [buy now] [learn more]

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